Our Expertise

Design is at the core of the digital experience.

It must be purposeful, simple and creatively engaging – to respond to your business needs and deliver real value. To simplify complex tasks. And to connect with your target audience in memorable and delightful ways.

    • Design solutions for all touchpoints

    • Bienalto delivers customer experience design solutions across all touchpoints – websites, mobile sites and digital applications.

      Our design services are end-to-end. We conduct customer research, assess the performance of your current solutions through analytics and heuristic reviews, build prototypes, conduct user testing and carry out visual design.

      We can deliver a full content managed solution with Drupal CMS and custom web applications with Zend Framework. For other technical platforms, we can develop front end code and partner with system integrators for back end integration.

    • Lean user experience design

    • We advocate for lean user experience design. Why? It accelerates the design process, minimises waste and reduces risk.

      Lean UX design involves collaboration – both internally and with our clients. By bringing together designers, user experience architects and developers into a single multi-disciplinary team, we can quickly solve complex design problems and produce highly considered and effective customer experience design solutions.

      We know there are multiple design options, and we develop hypotheses about your customers to help define these options. Instead of making assumptions about the best experience, we develop minimum viable products and test and validate each possible solution.

      Throughout the journey, we continually refine and iteratively improve the customer experience design for better – and much speedier – results.

      Contact us to discuss how a lean approach to design will work for you